Our training is designed and specifically tailored for service and industrial participants on all levels of the organization to include:
• Master Black Belt
• Black Belt
• Green Belt
• Yellow Belt
• Executive Champion
• Project Team Member

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Six Sigma by Design is a training and business consulting company founded by Samuel J. Baptiste. Since its launch in 2010, Six Sigma by Design has become a leading provider for certified training and consulting services which include the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), Lean Six Sigma, Change Management and Project Management. Our training and courses are offered throughout the United states and the Caribbean. Six Sigma by Design specialized methods and tools are specifically created to enhance and support operational excellence.
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It pays to be Six Sigma Certified.

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Certified training and courses are offered for:

Project Champions

Master Black Belts

Black Belts

Green Belts

Yellow Belts

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