Our training is designed and specifically tailored for service and industrial participants on all levels of the organization to include:
• Master Black Belt
• Black Belt
• Green Belt
• Yellow Belt
• Executive Champion
• Project Team Member

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At Six Sigma by Design, we relentlessly strive to offer exceptional value and all our courses can be delivered onsite, online, or via our hybrid option which includes a combination of onsite and online learning.

I now have the knowledge to implement and sustain.

I had attended Lean Six Sigma training before but I never felt I truly acquired the skills I needed.

Dr. India Caldwell-Cox, Director of Behavioral Health

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Ema Ducon, Student


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Maria Jonson, Student

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Certified training and courses are offered for:

Project Champions

Master Black Belts

Black Belts

Green Belts

Yellow Belts

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